Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Changes to the MD Accessibility WorkingGroup

The steering group met last week to discuss the way forward for the AWG.
Our feelings were that we needed to change the format for a number of reasons, not least being that we all have heavy daytime jobs to look after as well as doing this.
Notes from the meeting are as follows:
Notes of meeting of the AWG steering meeting 2nd May 2006:
Attendees: John Keys, Simon Wharton, David Kreps, Patrick Lauke.
During the discussion a number of points were agreed:
1. The focus of the AWG should be expanded to include web standards, accessibility and usability.
2. Instead of an event every 6 weeks that includes a presentation, the group agreed that it would target 4 presentation style events per yr. (Two in the April to June period and two in the September to December period). Additionally, a more informal social gathering of the group would then be planned to take place every 2 months, in a venue like the Circle Club.
3. Members of the group would be more pro-active in promoting accessibility to the wider business community by eg. taking a stand at relevant business events (if relevant).
4. To link the AWG blog better into the MDDA's & MD main site.
5. To develop more online resources etc. for use by the groups members and other interested parties.
6. To explore the opportunity of developing a collaborative toolkit that potentially could be marketed as a commercial offering by participating companies. Some suggestions included Wordpress Pluggin's, Dreamweaver addons.