Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Resources and links

This is an ongoing collection of links to sources of information about website accessibility and tools to help you develop accessible content.

Please use the comments feature to suggest an addition to this list, or to let us know about a busted link.
Tools and software that can help you to develop accessible content:
  • A-Prompt - An application for Windows that examines web pages for barriers to accessibility, performs automatic repairs when possible, and assists the author in manual repairs when necessary. A bit more rigourous than Bobby.
  • Fangs - An extension for Firefox that attempts to emulate screen readers.
  • Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Beta - Microsoft's, ahem, version of the Firefox Web Developer extension, but IE only.
  • Web Developer - An extension for Firefox that does lots of cool stuff, like swapping out images for alternative text, identifying images with missing or empty alt tags, validate your local XHTML, and much more.
  • Web Accessibility Toolbar - A toolbar for Internet Explorer that does pretty much the same cool stuff as the Web Developer extension for Firefox.


Blogger Carol Pollitt said...

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3:29 pm  
Blogger Carol Pollitt said...

Useful toolbar for Internet Explorer:

3:31 pm  
Blogger Alan Holding said...


I've added the IE toolbar to this list of tools and resources. Thanks!

4:39 pm  

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