Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Google Word Verification Accessibility Petition

The Blind Access Journal have started a petition to make their word verification feature accessible.

You can sign the petition here and you can read the press release to find out more about the petition.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

fourquarters MD David Kreps to address PITCOM

Monday 27th February 2006: Dr David Kreps will be one of two speakers at the forthcoming Parliamentary IT Committee (PITCOM) Meeting: "ICT For the Socially Excluded", House of Commons, London. PITCOM typically attracts up to 100 attendees with a mix of MPs, members of the House of Lords, plus a good number of industry and trade association representatives (Microsoft, IBM, Sun, BT, Nortel, Marconi, IEE, Intellect) and independent PITCOM members such as academics.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sitemorse to present at next MDAWG Event

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.

Just to let you know that the next MDAWG will be on the 11th January at 6pm at the Manchester Digital Development Agency premises.

The presentation will be from Lawrence Shaw of Sitemorse who have created quite a stir in the accessibility and website testing fields. I know for a fact that some of our luminaries are up for a healthy debate on the nature of automated testing vs human testing so it should be a good session. personally I think it's a superb way of getting the grey matter moving early in the new year

As always, we will be moving on to the pub afterwards. I find that this is where the most effective chat takes place so please try and fit it in to your schedule.

Talking of schedules, we have some potentially very interesting sessions coming up. I will do my utmost to have a few events scheduled in by the next meeting. Bear in mind that we really need your input to make these events work. They are here to help you make your business/job better so let us know what you want and if possible, give us a hand.

Would anyone who is interested please let me know and would you please make sure you pass this on to absolutely anyone who has an interest. It's the only way we will grow,

Hope to see you next week

Charging for MDAWG

I'd appreciate your thoughts on what you consider to be fair. I have been running the MDAWG for free but under the umbrella of Manchester Digital, the trade body for digital industry in Greater Manchester. I think the wroking group has proved its' value. It is intended as a tangible benefit to MD members hence, I intend to introduce a nominal charge of £5 per event for non Manchester Digital members. Considering how cheap membership of MD is and the additional benefits you will get over this year, I think that is extraordinarily cheap. I would certainly appreciate your feedback as to whether you agree. Please comment this thread woth your thoughts