Wednesday, October 19, 2005

CSS Generator

Many web users could benefit from viewing properly coded websites according to the styles set by themselves rather than the web designer. This is very easy with an accessible website, because all the style is in the DocumentCSS - the Cascading Style Sheet drawn in by the HTML file. With a few simple clicks in their browser they can replace the DocumentCSS with their own UserCSS to view accessible websites in the style that they choose - be that with large blue text on a yellow background, or any other combination suited to their particular dyslexia, colour blindness, or visual impairment.

fourquarters are proud to announce the first version of a free Personal Style Sheet Generator now online at Follow the simple instructions to create your own "UserCSS " file.

Try it for your self - and please - give feedback, so that v2 can be even better!

Many thanks


Blogger Simon Wharton said...

I am liking this idea very much
Will play later

6:12 pm  

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